Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saud and Javeria Saud's Wedding pictures

Saud and Javeria both are working in showbiz industry. They are also running a production house. They tied knot in 2006. Here are some of their wedding pictures.
javeria saud wedding picture1

javeria saud wedding picture2

javeria saud wedding picture3

javeria saud wedding picture4

javeria saud wedding picture5

javeria saud wedding picture6

javeria saud wedding picture7

javeria saud wedding picture8

javeria saud wedding picture9

javeria saud wedding picture10

javeria saud wedding picture11

javeria saud wedding picture12

Friday, August 29, 2014

Veena Malik and Asad Bashir's Wedding pictures

Veena Malik is one of the most controversial in Pakistan. After many make ups and break ups, she finally tied the knot with Asad Bashir in Dubai. Now they both are living as love birds. Here are some of their wedding pictures.
Veena Malik wedding1

Veena Malik wedding2

Veena Malik wedding3

Veena Malik wedding4

Veena Malik wedding5

Veena Malik wedding6

Veena Malik wedding7

Veena Malik wedding8

Veena Malik wedding9

Veena Malik wedding10

Veena Malik wedding11

Veena Malik wedding12

Veena Malik wedding13

Veena Malik wedding14

Veena Malik wedding15

Veena Malik wedding16

Veena Malik wedding17

Veena Malik wedding18

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ali Abbas and Hamna Ali's Wedding Pictures

Ali Abbas is son of famous television artist Wasem. Ali is also an artist. He tied know with Hamna Ali. Here are some of their wedding pictures.
Ali Abbas wedding photo1

Ali Abbas wedding photo2

Ali Abbas wedding photo3

Ali Abbas wedding photo4

Ali Abbas wedding photo5

Ali Abbas wedding photo6

Ali Abbas wedding photo7

Ali Abbas wedding photo8

Ali Abbas wedding photo9

Ali Abbas wedding photo10

Ali Abbas wedding photo11

Ali Abbas wedding photo12

Ali Abbas wedding photo13

Ali Abbas wedding photo14

Ali Abbas wedding photo15

Ali Abbas wedding photo16

Ali Abbas wedding photo17

Ali Abbas wedding photo18

Fahad Mustafa and Sana Fahad's Wedding pictures

Fahad Mustafa is son of a television artist Khalid Mustafa. Fahad Mustafa is a good actor, model and producer. He married Sana Fahad in 2005.
Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture1

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture2

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture3

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture4

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture5

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture6

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture7

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture8

Fahad Mustafa Wedding picture9